The Bend Rotary Foundation exists to provide a vehicle for members of the Bend Rotary Club and the general public to donate funds to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, thereby qualifying for a favorable tax treatment.  BRF is also the conduit for other Club-generated income, such as proceeds from the Duck Race, Golf Tournament, and Holiday Auction.

BRF is also a vehicle for distributing grants and scholarships. The Rotary Foundation helps us reach beyond ourselves to serve others.
The Rotary Foundation gives us all the opportunity to reach beyond ourselves to serve others in truly significant ways.  The Rotary Foundation works to close the gap between those much less fortunate than the rest of us, working to provide clean water and sanitation, healthy mothers and children, prevent disease like Polio, spur economic development, fund literacy and education, and ultimately create world peace.  Each act of service brings us one step closer to a more peaceful world. Whether you personally touch someone’s life during a service project or you a give some of your treasure to The Rotary Foundation, Rotary is diligently focusing on these six areas of focus, year over year, community by community, providing life-saving miracles.
If you pledge $200 per year to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation you enable both our local club, our District, and the Global Fund to grow and provide sustaining funds to leverage this important work.  Service work in our local schools for Literacy, service work overseas like our disease prevention work in Ethiopia, are all leveraged two to four times over because of your gift. 
This month, won’t you pledge $17 per month, or $50 a quarter to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund?
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